Monday, 3 July 2017


A quick one from me today with another camo outfit. I was on a search for a camo top and sometime last month I walked into Zara and saw this crop top. I must say it was a love at first sight! Obviously with Zara pricing at times it can scare you little, something so simple can at times be ridiculously expensive. However, I liked it, it was affordable and I got it. 
Photo Credit: Zac
Crop top|Zara, Jeans|Zara, Boots|Boohoo

 I teamed up the camo top with black jeans and khaki sock boots as it only made sense to go in with the khaki combo. I also had to join the crowd of the ladies rocking these sock boots and so far I am happy with them because they are comfy and easy to walk in. 

What are your recent favourite trends? 

CiCi xx

Monday, 26 June 2017


It's yet again another floral glam from me today. If you have been following me, you might have noticed that I like floral things. Today I am excited to share this outfit because I have been wanting to share this look for a long time. I just needed the right weather to wear it out and thankfully Manchester has been good to us these past few weeks no rains just good sunshine not until last weekend. They say the sun is good for the bones right? So I took every opportunity to grab that vitamin D.

Photo Credit: Zac
Mini Floral Set - Boohoo | Heels - JustFab

This outfit right here is a beauty! Its one of those pieces you want to wear all the time, well when its not windy haha. The good thing about it is that is that it can be slayed day or night and you don't have to worry about how to style it because the floral colours kind of guide you on how to mix it up. Fortunate for me I had these blocked heels that go well with it, talking of the blocked heels after I took my shoots the other day I realised that my strap was not fastened the right way urghhh and I had a hair band on my wrist! Error... When I asked my darling beloved why he didn't promt me to remove the hair band on my wrist he said he thought it was a "bracelet" men ey. I would have said we both need glasses for the next shoot but then again we wear them so that wouldn't make a difference lol.

Anyways, these pictures give me that IT'S OK feeling for having a hair band on my wrist and not fastening my heels properly because I am human and will make mistakes, what matters most is the outcome, other people would have photoshoped that but I wanted to leave them as they are and give you the real deal. So I hope you like this look.

Thanks for stopping by. x

Monday, 19 June 2017


Hey guys, today I thought I should bring something different, something I haven't shared with you guys. It's funny to think that I have a lot of African print clothings yet I did not share them with you. That's naughty of me! 

African print is one of the ongoing trends at the moment, to be fair it has always been an eye catchy trend. When I was little I had lots and lots of African wear but I was never a fun of it because I saw them as the typical traditional wear and I only wore them on special occasions. 
Photo Credit: Davina
Dress - Tailored in Ghana| Chocker - Primark |Heels - New Look Bag - H&M | Bracelet - New Look

I opted to style my dress with black heels and a black cross bag. I didn't want to add much to it as it is already detailed enough with the patterns and the ruffle sleeves. This dress has been in my wardrobe for a year now and I am glad to say that it still fits me perfectly. 

It was designed and tailored in Ghana. It is actually part of my choir uniforms and that's why it was tailored in Ghana. I must say, I will be sharing more of African print because it is one of the things I enjoy wearing during summer. I hope you like this lovely piece. 

Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by. X

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