Saturday, 31 December 2016


Happy holidays everyone, hope y'all are doing well and having a blessed time of the year. I hope my readers can forgive me for taking little breaks but sometimes as much as I would love to share some moments with you guys, I have other priorities like my studies. Everything else drops at the sound of studies lol. 

Photo credit: Zac 
Shoulder cut out sweater/Similar, Jeans/ASOS, Boots/Ego

So  to cheer you up a little I thought I shouldn't end this year without updating you guys on my whereabouts. I know a few of my readers on Snapchat may already know that this season has been one of the busiest, yet fun one for me. Not to forget Christmas, for a moment It didn't feel like a Christmas over here in England. We had a warm Christmas..very unusual. I hope everyone got what they were expecting and more, for I certainly did, "So thankful".

I actually can't believe how quick this year has gone, within a blink of an eye. Looking back at the year, I can gladly say God has been faithful and gracious to me. I felt yellow all through out 2016. I am firmly focusing on all the positives and goodness of this year, for I am bringing this yellow feeling into 2017, my year of greatness. 

Yellow stands for joy,happiness, loyalty, positivity, clarity & enlightenment. This brings me to why I wore this yellow sweater on this day, our last day of 2016.

The sweaters is as bright as my year has been and it was one of my on the go sweaters. I am a fun of light and soft knit wear and not heavy to wear. I also like the cut out shoulders, if you look closely you will be able to see the little sparkles the sweater has, it adds a little difference and uniqueness to the outfit. I matched it with black jeans and black knee high boots. 

Having said it all about this look, I'll end here by saying goodbye and Happy 2017. 

how would you style this look? 


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